Western Springs, Auckland

CLIENT: Hawkins
PROJECT VALUE: $ 360,000
LOCATION: West Spring, Auckland

LIVEFIRM has played a critical role in the construction of several unique buildings on Auckland Zoo’s Western Springs site. These include the new Tasmanian Devil Enclosure and the Giraffe House.

In addition to providing the concrete construction and carpentry components of the build, LIVEFIRM took the responsibility for some unusual landscaping requirements. We built a false mountain and river structure to create the environment specified in the design. The site works involved more than just earthworks – they were effectively part of the structure.

A zoo is an unusual work site, as there is the need to be sensitive to the needs of the animals. The LIVEFIRM team worked closely with the client and main contractor to ensure the build proceeded with the minimum of disruption.

LIVEFIRM were an integral part of the success of the recently completed Engineering School for Auckland University. LIVEFIRM carried out both the concrete and carpentry packages. I would describe LIVEFIRM as a professional, user-friendly sub-contractor, with senior management both visible and actively involved with supporting their site teams. Overall a well-resourced sub-contractor who looks to continually improve especially in the Health & Safety space.”
Steve Ritchie, Project Director, Hawkins