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CBD, Auckland

CLIENT: Hawkins
• Carpentry Works: $ 17 Million
• Concrete Works: $ 6 Million
LOCATION: Grafton, Auckland

The new Engineering Building is a major addition to the University’s portfolio. Constructed to modern seismic standards, it provides the critical infrastructure for tertiary study and research.

The process of building it proved educational, too.

LIVEFIRM teamed up with Hawkins and the University to take an innovative approach to project management. This involved thoroughly scoping the project and its budget before the contract was awarded. Our experienced team were invited to contribute their ideas for cost-effective delivery of a high-quality building.

During the construction phase, which lasted for two years, LIVEFIRM worked closely with all the other trades to ensure ceiling heights, ducting and seismic measures were delivered to the required standards.

By making everyone’s job as easy as possible, it was possible for all the stakeholders to work like a family. This enabled all involved to focus on quality, rather than managing relationships with other stakeholders, and ultimately to deliver a building without compromise.

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