Glen Innes, Auckland

• Carpentry Works: $ 1 Million
• Concrete Works: $ 0.5 Million
LOCATION: Glen Innes, Auckland

Te Oro, the new Glen Innes Music & Art Centre, is an iconic building. With its concrete structure and timber laminate beams providing the framework, the design is idiosyncratic and eye-catching.


Its irregularly shaped spaces required extreme precision in all measurements during construction, to minimise waste and ensure a visually appealing result. There was literally no room for error.

LIVEFIRM was responsible for both the concrete structure and internal fitout. Close cooperation was necessary to ensure each team understood what the other team was doing – and why. By coordinating the construction and handover process between our concrete structure and fitout teams, we were able to provide the level of quality the client required while minimising errors and staying on schedule.

With non-standard building envelopes such as this, weathertightness can be a concern. Once again, the commitment of LIVEFIRM's site managers and skilled workers was crucial. The goal was to deliver a distinctive building that also performed well at the functional level of weathertightness. This was achieved.

We’re proud that this stunning building has been recognised as the Supreme Winner at the 2015 NZIOB Awards.

LIVEFIRM were an integral part of the success of the recently completed Engineering School for Auckland University. LIVEFIRM carried out both the concrete and carpentry packages. I would describe LIVEFIRM as a professional, user-friendly sub-contractor, with senior management both visible and actively involved with supporting their site teams. Overall a well-resourced sub-contractor who looks to continually improve especially in the Health & Safety space.”
Steve Ritchie, Project Director, Hawkins